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Aside from rare crystals, which should be priced high, It must be said that prices for even lower rarity items has become stupidly high in some cases. People are simply starting to get greedy. Some of us dont do dailies (for our own reasons) So we only earn money from other methods such as selling items. But i rarely sell anything above what it should be worth.

Frankly, there are some people out there that are harming the games economy by increasing prices. Its herd mentaility one person sells an item for a stupid price, other person comes along and sees price, sells their item for around the same or much more. Chain reaction begins and we start getting inflated prices. Meaning us lowly peons who dont grind dailies (as i'm sure most of you think we should) Either have to give it up as a bad job or join in the inflation frenzy.

There is a reason most of my equipment has been purchased from the Cartel Market. All i have to do then is buy mods and weapons and such.

Anyway, thats my opinion. But this started around F2P i'm sure a lot of it was peoples trying to exploit the new guys, but the new guys thought they were normal prices so sold high. I remember before F2P i could buy a low level orange item for an affordable price. That is now a laughable statement.

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