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Its not, really. They're simply meant to be ground forces from each team that are fairly equal in combat. I feel commando droids are a match for Alliance SpecForces.

Anyways, it would seem its time to call this soon and I will do so as soon as I have time.
ok well for my closing argument then As you can see from my analyzation of possible tactics of different ball carriers of both the sep team on page 10 and the rebel team on page 12 The seps I dont see have any sure fire way to get the ball over the line though they do have several possible ways all of these way can be shut down with or with out R2 being in the middle, R2 in the middle on the other hand almost garentees a shut down. While the rebels do have 2 ways to get a sure fire score along with just as many possibles because of this I feel it much more likely that the rebels can score obviously for this reason I think rebels win.

On a side note I do not believe R2 has to plug in for long to create havic and turn the game in favor of the rebels we have seen it time and again the little R2 unit is always underestimated and before the empire or the seperatists realize it time and time again he has gotten the heroes out of bad situations with the rebels playing fairly evenly and fighting evenly with out R2 being taken into consideration, his contribution however small will feel like a tidal wave that tips the scales in the rebels favor. He is the Deus Ex Machina of star wars with the arogance of the seps he will go unnoticed until its to late and they have already lost or he has already done the damadge that he needed to do. At the end I think R2 is what will win the day for the rebels.