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This thread is interesting. When I was playing KOTOR 1, after beating the game 3 times, I simply couldn't choose any dark side option because I always regretted my actions. However, here in SWTOR, most of my choices vary from light to darkside options (with a slight prevalence of the first ones) It depends of the context, some areas tend to show the darkside options as chaotic murdering, and the others as severe punishments.

My vision of my character is a dominant one, however he dislikes unjustified killing and careless actions (he identifies those actions with stupidity), the last mission I played was about an unfaithful wife who gave imperial secrets to a republican womanizer spy. The first part was quite obvious, kill the spy. However, the second one was very tough for me. If she wouldn't have given imperial secrets to that spy, I would have spared her. She deserved a punishment, but not death. However, even if she didn't know he was a spy, no sane person would have messed with such important information. Not specially in the Empire where the punishment is usually death. I was sorry for her, I don't like to kill someone with terror in his/her eyes, but there were loose ends in the conversation, and I had to fill the gaps with imagination (for example, asking for more details about how did she find the data) Also, she might have seduced her husband to gain access to military secrets and then playing dumb to pass them to the republic. It was another possibility. At least, her death was quick.

There are things both in the Jedi Code and in the Sith Code which are very shortsighted. For example, both Sith and Jedi, dissuade about love, because it can take you to the other side of the Force. The Force (Darkside or Lightside) have many uses, it's a tool. You are not a slave of it, and knowledge of other options is always possitive, it gives you multiple paths to follow. Punish those who are against you, and help your allies to become strong (not to mention that those who didn't oppose to you can be useful in the long-term) I can't avoid it, but I see my self as a Revanite. Revan was the first force user I know about who was truly free

And taking the things a bit further, I find the mysterious concept of the Force fascinating. Not only its secrets, but also the ways it can give you real freedom. For an inquisitor, it would be incredibly useful to have some dark power to read other people's mind. Torture may be recreational for the most sadist siths, but that is an empty action for me, it doesn't give me pleasure. However, reading the thoughts of other people, or changing them forcibly to make them fit in your long-term vision of the world, is more fulfilling