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Well, it's here. I haven't finished Makeb yet but I just couldn't wait to continue my characters' story, so here we go. Some minor spoilers for Makeb may apply, and definitely Act 1-3 spoilers for all classes. we go!


Stepping onto the speeder platform of the Nar Shaddaa promenade, Merok glanced around. He felt out of place in his outfit, but he knew it was for the best–especially since he was here for Republic SIS and not the Empire. If anyone from the Empire saw him doing this, his cover would be blown.

He scratched absently at the leg of his leather pants and wished he could be back in something more befitting a member of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force. His jacket was unzipped and tied around his waist, leaving his chest bare. His pistol was hidden under the jacket. He frowned. He hated being exposed like this–perfect opportunity for a sniper to pick him off–but his wife, Raina, was certainly enjoying the view.

It was only fair, though, because so was he. Clad in red loungewear, she looked nothing so much like a stripper in one of Nar Shaddaa's casinos. Unfortunately, the bikini allowed no hiding place for a blaster, so Raina was relying on Scorpio, up on the next level armed with a Verpine shatter gun, to protect her in case of combat. However, Merok had hidden an extra holdout blaster in his boot, so he could throw it to her in an emergency.

With a sigh of relief, Merok caught sight of his contact. He started forward, Raina on his flank. His contact looked up and saw him, widened his eyes, and sprinted away. Merok rolled his eyes. Oh, no. Apparently, the news of Merok's defection had gotten lost in the chain of command, and this agent still assumed he was Cipher Nine, late of Imperial Intelligence.

"Raina," he said, "stay here."

He took off after the agent. The human man took a dive off the speeder pad. Merok groaned and, with minimal hesitation, leapt after him. The man had a speeder parked several meters below, and he crashed into the pilot's seat and took off. Merok barely caught hold of the rear brake light. He pulled himself into the passenger's seat, his head under the dash and his feet over the seat and sticking into the air. He started to sit up–

And found himself staring into the barrel of a Republic-issue blaster pistol.

"Would you like to buy a room," he said hastily.

"No, I'll be leaving tonight," the agent replied in relief. "Theron Shan."

"Merok. Let's make this fast, I may have a watcher."

"No pun intended, right?"

Merok nodded. "Right."

"Okay, so–"

Suddenly, a blaster bolt shot overhead. Merok scrambled into the seat, frowning. He glanced back. Two speeder cars and two bikes came after them.

"What's going on?" Merok asked as Theron shot the speeder forward.

"Black Sun," he said grimly. "They're after me. I think."

Merok nodded. "All right. Transmit your information to my ship–" he gave him the information, "–and get out."

"Where are you...?"

Merok leapt out of the car, letting the rest of Theron's question trail off. He pressed a button on his wrist comlink, sighing in relief that he had remembered to wear it. His speeder bike flew up on autopilot. Merok grabbed the handlebars as he fell by and grunted as his arms were nearly pulled out of socket.

"Ouch," he muttered.

He glanced behind him. One of the speeder cars had peeled off after him, driven by a human, with a Zabrak and two more humans in the back seat, shooting at Merok.

"Great," he hissed.

He roared off and activated his comlink.

"Raina," he said, "find me a building nearby, with windows large enough for me to fit through on my bike but too large for an Aratech speeder car."

"Processing," Raina replied. "Got one. Kilometer to your west."

Merok nodded to himself. "Got it. Thanks."

Merok shot around the next bend, headed for the building in the distance. He pulled out his blaster, turned, and fired once, unsure if it hit anyone. He reached the building and opened fire on the window, which shattered. Then he shot inside the building. The Black Sun thugs, unfortunately, didn't continue on, they went around. Merok veered sharply upward and back toward the spaceport.

* * *

Dha rubbed Mako's back as they looked down on the Nar Shaddaa skyline. They were here looking for Gault's old friend, Hylo Visz, at the Devaronian's request. Currently, Gault was in a coma after saving Mako's life and, indirectly, that of the baby she now cradled in her arms.

"Crysta looks overwhelmed," Mako commented.

Dha nodded. "Understandable; she's never been out of the country, and this is literally a city-world."

"So, where do we start looking for Hylo?"

"Cantinas," Dha said. "There were no signs of her on Makeb, so I basically wasted my time with that isotope-5 thing, but hey, it paid. Maybe she'll be here. Nar Shaddaa's the best smuggler hangout in the galaxy, after–"

Suddenly, a speeder roared by, followed by another, and two bikes, all three of which were firing blaster bolts at the first.

"That was Theron in the first car!" Dha said.


"Wait here!"

Dha activated his jetpack and roared off in pursuit. He caught up quickly, firing his grapnel and yanking the driver of one speeder bike off. He released the cord, letting the driver fall into oblivion. Then the second bike whirled and came at Dha. Deftly, he deactivated his jetpack and landed firmly on the bike. He punched the rider, sending him, too, flailing to his death. He pulled around, quickly catching up with the speeder car and its final pursuer.

Theron Shan seemed to have realized what was going on, and had pulled around, now heading on a head-on collision course with the other vehicle. As he did he pulled out his pistol and fired through the front window of his speeder. The driver, a Rodian, was killed in the spray. In the back seat, a Trandoshan and a Weequay stood up and opened fire.

Dha leapt off the bike, grabbed the Weequay by the throat, and rammed his gauntlet blade into the alien's kidney. Then, he turned and shot the Trandoshan cleanly in the face.

"Wasn't expecting you!" Theron called.

"Always repay my debts!" Dha replied.

Not long ago, Dha had been ambushed by Regulators here on Nar Shaddaa. He would've been killed if not for Theron, who'd killed one of the Regulators pinning Dha down.

"Debt fulfilled," Theron agreed.

"Then fight well," Dha said. "Farewell."

"Farewell," Theron replied. "Ret'urcye mhi."

Dha blinked in surprise at the Mandalorian farewell. "Ret'urcye mhi," he said.

Theron pulled away, and Dha remounted the hovering bike and returned to his wife and child.