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04.27.2013 , 10:47 AM | #3
Bump because this is stupidly dumb. Please fix this in a hotfix ASAP! I came back for the expac not just to play S&V HM with my guild which is fine. I came back as well to finish things I hadn't before like getting HK-51. Now that Cybertech is TOTALLY useless the only thing it is good for is making droid parts for HK-51 owners.

Guess what mats you need for that? Molecular Stabalizers that only drop in what Operations?? So you remove it from my LFG tool after I hit 55 but I should be able to que up for worthless PvP or worthless SM FP?

So my only option is go old skool and spam and work SUPER hard to get my own group together from those who haven't turned off General chat on the Fleet or get my end-game raiding guild mates to some how care about spending hours running Operations they have already done a bajillion times so I can pimp out my droid? You could have new subscribers getting baller heals from me in content you've already built but instead: FAIL.