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04.27.2013 , 08:12 AM | #245
I keep working on it on the eternal hope that maybe they will work on fixing it. Maybe. One day.

They did fix a few issues this last patch, not all, but a few step forward.

Here are a couple of tips I have found :

- There are a couple of elite kills on some planets that are tied to quest lines. If you have toons that have already gone beyond them, they can be hard to get. I decided to hang out by the spawn point in the hope somebody would group me just for the kill. Turns out I got credit for two of them just by helping on the kill (NOT GROUPED). Weird no? This was on areas where the spawn happens not inside an instance of course.

- There is one I did get by stealing kills. Now, I would rather not do that but then BW left me little choice. It didn't hurt the other player in that they got credit and completed their quest, and in the end only 1 player got upset in that he/she wanted to do it him/herself, and I apologized. Didn't go too bad.

I had hopes that while working on the achievement system they would do a major cleanup of the codex, after all everything wrong is extremely well documented by now, but, seems they never read here.
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