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They sucked because I always played Imperial and they just didn't die! Oh and those Bothans, sneaky little...
About a half dozen guys in my platoon got together once and started up a tournament with two xboxes for Battlefront 2, and you should have seen the tactics that emerged. Wookies were definitely powerful against the AI, but unless you were good at using the grenade launcher, they were screwed over at mid-range. A quick burst with the blaster rifle, followed by an instant switch to the pistol to off-set the drop in accuracy let you kill a Wookie in seconds flat (assuming you landed all headshots, which soon became the terrifying norm).

Bothans never really came into play, surprisingly. They were too weak and slow to be effective. They could be useful against heroes, but you were just as likely to get knocked over with the Force and killed accidentally as you were to get in a solid assassination. And when the Bothans used their regen field, they were the first targets to be eliminated.
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