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I love ops. This is a genius, if not redundant idea.
Redundant or not it needs to happen.

The way group finder ops are now is a bit like drawing straws. You could be lucky and get into a group who either knows what they're doing or have at least enough common sense and some patience to complete the op and know their role, or you could pull the short straw and have a total fail group whom rage quit on the first difficult mob they come across.

It's all very well bioware trying to encourage people to progress together in guilds but for people who don't want that at least for just the story mode ops we have to deal with the fact that we only really get one attempt a week at an op that could go horribly wrong. Once you are locked out of a few bosses and the group breaks up chances are slim at best of continuing it with another group especially after weeklies.
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!