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Instead you should be "locked out" from rolling on gear from each boss more than once a week.

The current lockout system is not compatible with group finder, it doesn't matter if you nerf bosses or mobs or even turn the entire ops into a childs playground someone will end up leaving halfway through for whatever reason and that creates a void that's difficult to fill especially after your group has done the first few bosses.

While there is the argument of joining a guild you shouldn't be penalised for not, I've left every guild I've joined due to the fact they are not compatible with when I want to play the game and when I don't, to play outside that turns this into an unpaid job rather than a game, I shouldn't have to play the game when I'm "told" or miss out on content each week.

Also having the story modes without a lockout would mean people who are new to the ops wouldn't have to wait a week before trying it again to figure everything out, they could run them as many times as they like until they get the hang of it without ruining someone's week. It would also provide GM's with a testbed to see if people are quick enough on their feet in the SM ops for the HM's whenever they want.

The benefits of not having lockouts for story modes clearly outweigh the the disadvantages of it... in fact what are the disadvantages?

We've got comms limits, we've got a tried and tested loot limit system (i.e. like the one for f2p players in flashpoints), is there any reason to keep supporting the current content lockout system over a loot limit one similar to the one used for f2p players in flashpoints but for ops?
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