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12.21.2011 , 12:31 PM | #1
So me and 3 other players thought we should try some hardmodes today. We did Esseles hardmode was all right. Then we wanted to continue with Hammerstation. To our surprise we could not access this FP in hardmode, nor could we access any of the other FPs in the Mission Departures area. With some workarounds we finally managed to get into Taral V. (Picking up the quest, talk to master Oteg, abandon the [GROUP] Taral V flashpoint, takeing the Hardmode quest from the droid) Oh joy we can do a FP in hardmode, finally. After we wipe and press the respawn button we are all disconnected and are now waiting in queue.

GJ Bioware on testing your endgame content for even basic playability. I'm curious if anyone else has had this problem and if Bioware are aware of it. (Assuming yes, just want assurance)
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