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interesting analysis. i have been using the following toy model of dps:

(1-miss_chance)*(average_hit+main+power+force_power)* (1+crit*surge)/(1-alacrity)

melee_accuracy=accuracy boost+0.9+0.3*(1-(1-0.01/(0.3))^((1/55)*accuracy_rating/(1.2)))
force_accuracy=accuracy boost+1+0.3*(1-(1-0.01/(0.3))^((1/55)*accuracy_rating/(1.2)))
average hit is determined by taking a parse with known values for everything else and solving for average hit
force_power=0.23*(1+power_boost)*force_power_ratin g
crit=crit_boost+0.05+0.3 * ( 1 - ( 1 - ( 0.01 / 0.3 ) )^( ( crit_rating / 55 ) / 0.9 ) )+0.2 * ( 1 - ( 1 - ( 0.01 / 0.2 ) )^( ( main_rating*(1+main_boost) /55 ) / 5.5 ) )

so i get effective crit_boost from parses and using SUM_i(crit_chance_i*fraction_dps_i). where i is for each ability
effecttive surge boost is really hard to get out of the parses, but if you have abilities that have surge_boost_i with fraction_dps_i, effective surge_boost=SUM(surge_boost_i*fraction_dps_i), where surge_boost_i will just be your surge from surge rating unless you get something from a tree/proc.

i have tried using an alacrity matters term as a coefficent for alacrity before(so if 30% of your dps comes from abilities affected by alacrity, then you use 0.3), but have removed it now that it alacrity reduces the gcd, but it may need to be added back in.

what i have found is that stat weights for maxing dps heavily depend on the average hit value (i used to use a 1 there when i first started this type of analysis for healing). this has mainly to do with the average hit value affecting the power/ critbalance and that affecting the surge balance. there is also no bonus damage coefficent here, which is really bad since it can both diminish and exagerate the benifits of power. if we had what some people call coefficents per second (cps) for each build, then that could be appended to the (main+force_power+power term), to give (main+force_power+power term)*cps... i think. pretty short sighted, but without simulators, this is as far as a rough model can get without simulating a rotation full force.

typically i will get rid of the main, power and force power boosts since people give me the final value, so i can just plug those in and get rid of the boosts so i can find balance between surge/accuracy and alacrity. i can also just solve for power_rating by diving their power by 1.05 for a crit/power analysis. i have my spreadsheet set up to give me optimal power, crit, accuracy, surge and alacrity, based on gear assumptions about sum of power+crit and sum of alacrity+accuracy+surge possible.

i have found that alacrity is better (use more rating) than surge for quite a few builds.