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Flashpoints. They kinda describe quick paced stuff. Not 3-hour-marathon-story-time.

I don't know about you but after playing through ess/bt a couple of times to get all the dialog options, I started hammering the spacebar.

Personally I think the flashpoints are breaks from the already dialogue rich game. A place to group up and just go kill stuff. Just like PVP is.. or do you want storyline in that too?
We were assured Flashpoint was not a break from story but a unique way of putting a group through it.

Quote: Originally Posted by Pawlaar View Post
*Spoiler Alert*

You get to see your cape fly like WHOOOSHH on that elevator.
You get chased around by a giant robot.
You get to see a wookie with ****** goggles set himself on fire.
You get to launch missiles at a fleet and see the satisfying night sky boom.
You get to have a James Bond-esque fight under missile exhaust ports.

And this isn't enough for you? Dude...
Are we so easily satisfied with a few bones thrown at us that we miss what quality really is when we saw it at the very beginning, and just focus on crap instead?