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I have fully augmented 162 gear in every slot possible and my repair cost is somewhere between 6k and 15k per repair. So you are exaggerating there by a lot. I got all that 162 by running 55 HM FPs with pretty mediocre 150 gear. Also, the optional boss and final boss of the 55 HM FPs drop 162 gear and that is the point of doing them. You can use basic comms to get gear that will make 55 HM FPs easier. You're also wrong about your 146 gear being better than 156, regarless of what you might think, so more power to you learning that the hard way when you try to take on some of the real challenges in SWTOR. Why you chose to spend credits augmenting 146 gear is a mystery to me, it's totally unnecessary because you should be spending that money on your 162 pieces. That way you can run hard mode level 55 Ops.

I'm guessing that the reason it's so easy to gear up to 162 is to give returning players coming back to the game after a break a chance to gear up for Ops as quickly as possible. It looks to me like you just lack the ability to work with your PUGs to take the 55 HM FP content seriously and do what's necessary with CCs and kill order. Not everyone suffers from this problem.
I agree with your post for the most part. Three things I wanted to chime in on.

1) N/M - I caught my own mistake, 146 = Black Hole, I thought 146 was Dread Guard from memory. Yeah, not sure why someone would invest in 146 unless it is all they had access too at the time.

2) It some cases, keeping the 61/63 armorings for the 2 or 4 set bonus are better than replacing them with 69 armorings that have no bonus. Right now, I have not had a lot of luck getting an Arkanian pieces, despite running 3 full clears of SM ops so far. So, until I get some some armoring's with the bonus, I believe the 61/63 armorings are best. In the end, you lose a total of 52 (4x13) mainstat if you continue to use 4 L61 armorings over the L69 ones. However, you will also lose a bit of endurance and a slight drop in armor, which, for a DPS class, shouldn't really be much of a concern.

3) Mainhand and Offhand's are especially important, because they typically provide the single largest upgrade due to the stats increase themselves along with the tech/force power rating increase. You basically get 'double the effect' when you upgrade those items. They are normally the first items that should be upgraded for a DPS and a healer, in my opinion.

As far as difficulty of the new L55 Hard Modes - I already posted about that in this thread. I think they are just fine and I wish they would make them even more difficult.