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The Sith Pureblood makes most sense for the Sith Warrior.
Any none Human/Sith Pureblood character for Sith Inquisitor, Zabrak or Twilek for my own personal tastes.
Rattataki would make a good Bounty Hunter, since they have that mindset anyway.
Chiss make exceptional Agents, since this is what most Chiss do anyway.

Mirilian is good for Jedi Consular since they are both diplomatic and strong in faith.
A Mirakula makes a good Jedi Knight, since their connection to the Force means they would have to become Jedi/Sith, they couldn't ignore the force, although they also make a good Jedi Shadow.
Any Race makes a good Smuggler, personally it's between Twilek and Zabrak for me.
Any Race makes a good Trooper, personally it between Human and Cyborg for me.

But as with all things Star Wars, it's a matter of opinion.
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