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I believe I saw it in the Rakghoul Warren, the place where you do the quest to get the camera during the Taris Bonus Series....well, the following quest, that leads you into the warren, you know there are 2 steps leading down, one is to do the final stage of the bonus quest, the other leads down to where the overlord is, I never attempt to kill it.

Its a big *** rakghoul, it will be hard to miss.
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Got him.
For people who don't remember exactly, here is the Power Plant location: Abandoned Power Plant
Here is almost exactly where he spawns if you're looking at the power plant map: Inside Power Plant
Here is what you'll see most of the time because his spawn timer is ridiculous:Spawn Location
And this is what the beastie looks like: Rakghoul Overlord

As stated largely and in bold, his spawn timer is crazy. We probably waited 2-3 hours last night and nada. I just logged in today to check. Had to switch instances to find him.

Good hunting!
Thanks to you two, this info helped...