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I really enjoy the new cut scene when you approach Imperial Fleet, as there are a few more ships visible and it actually is starting to look more like a Fleet.

But there is still mainly only 1 type of ship out there. Yes there are one or two of a second type of ship, but honestly an Imperial Fleet in this era is going to have more than 2 different types of ships.

This suggestion is in hopes that the art department realizes we're bored of seeing a mass of the exact same capital ship, copied and resized.

The Interdictor class cruiser that was later turned into a Destroyer, for example. A ship that Darth Malak stole from the Republic and then took to the Star Forge to retrofit with more advanced weapons and make copies of for his huge fleet. Hundreds of Interdictors. There is no way every single one of those was destroyed and yet the Empire doesn't seem to have a single one at their Fleet.

that is just one example and it's biased towards the Imperial faction, but you can see where I'm going with it and rather than suggest 3-5 ship models for future updates, I'll let you fill in the blank.

I'm pleased that the development team is starting to pay more attention to simple things that a plyer looks at 5-20 times a day when they play, like the ships hanging around fleet, but I'd be more interested to see it taken a step further and actually see some inclusion of established Old Republic lore. It just seems to me that most of the ships in Knights of the Old Republic are missing from this game, and those are assets that are already in the company!

The two fleets don't have to look as rag-tag as the thrown together multi-class ships that the Battle at Endor Fleet does, but there should be some variation! It is a fleet, not a clone army.
Hmm. Just remember that the Empire is a huge fan of standardisation in almost all matters, and that they were preparing for this war for centuries. You're more likely to see a "diverse" Republic fleet, IMO.