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every class has a dialogue choice that makes them seem dumb not the si's fault if you choose that one. I played though the sith inquisitor storyline twice it was so good and every time I was the mastermind behind everything I did. there was never anyone else coming up with the plans with the exception of when I was the apprentice which frankly is expected.
Er dude I played the SI story 4 times from 1-50 both light and dark and inbetween pretty much from chapter 1-3 its the npcs giving the SI all the plans and the SI just acts upon it never coming up with anything them self heck for chapter 2-3 it was zash detailing the plans and the crew giving additional information.

Look at nar shaada the cultists where the ones giving the plans and the ideas to the SI and when it came to the super weapon guess what? It was the moff that approached the SI and gave the plan to the SI again....

I have played all the imperial story classes and guess what? Even the BH can manipulate people better than the SI and the IA? The IA puts the SI to shame when it comes to planning, manipulation, sith politics and empire politics.

The only part of the SI story I somewhat enjoyed was act 1 and then from there it just went down hill fast.

If the SI story was soo good and the SI was such a mastermind why do we have a 14 page topic talking about how bad it is? Heck I was in beta and guess what people were saying? Keep act 1 scrap the rest and do it over. Heck when it comes to the SI story I have not seen 1 topic dedicated to how good it is while all the other classes had these forms of topics.