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That rough stat priority strikes me as correct. Expertise is itemized against main stat, not against the other defensive stats, so we can use the same math that we do in PvE. (in other words, you want as much Expertise as you can get; after that, worry about defensive stats) The only tricky bit is we have to make a different assumption about the proportion of melee/ranged attacks vs force/tech. Normally, I would have put this around 45% m/r, which is what I surveyed it to be a few months ago. However, the large number of snipers and marauders in PvP today likely imbalances this a bit, and so I'll tip it to a 60% m/r, 40% f/t balance.

Without further ado, here are the ideal defensive stat distributions for tanks in PvP (at level 55):







It's worth noting that, due to the heavy reliance on shield/absorb, shadows and vanguards will be absolutely godlike in PvP. Guardians are going to be pretty far behind the curve, though they make up for it in other ways (mobility and control).
I made similar assumptions at first, but after thinking about it, I don't think you can simply convert the PVE calc - PVP has crits, and they mess with the balance.
For those that don't know, if the attacker has 25% crit and the defender has 50% shield (and assuming it didn't miss/get defended already), there'sa 5 0% chance of a shielding, 25% chance of a normal hit and 25% chance of a crit. Assuming 100% crit damage bonus (about right on the class key abilities when talented) and 100% absorb (unrealistic, but makes the math easy), you're still taking 60% of the pre-shielding damage rather than 50% as the stats would normally imply. Defense on the other hand can prevent attacks that would have critted as well.