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I have to agree with Selenial here. While admittedly I've only played solo I've often found Force users ineffective in open maps. In order to survive you literally have to be killing 1 per second and in open battle closing distances wastes precious time with your enemy hammering at your non-existent defenses. And even when you've gotten up close swinging your lightsabers is a clunky, inaccurate motion and you often miss, not to mention the fact it takes a direct hit to kill your opponents in one shot, all the while your being shot at from all sides and are unable to raise your defenses without ceasing your attack.

So yeah, ranged fighters are a lot more effective, unless in an enclosed space. But in the end you cant beat a good old fashioned stormtrooper with an elite rifle.
Favourite had to be Dooku/Palpatine.
They flied, not bursty jumped like the rest of them, it was a completely clear shot for the good 10 seconds they were in the air
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