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You're right, we've missed the UTC stamp and I apologize for it. Next time we'll be more accurate. Anyway, since there is an achievement screenshot with time and date, knowing we're GMT +2 timezone, it should be quite easy to determine if another guild had a kill before us. Thank you anyway fot he job you're doing.

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It was more a general statement for everyone.

It's important that we stress that is a test run for the tracking. We only made this known a day before the early access begun, whereas Carnage made their 16 man tracking known weeks in advance. We were honestly waiting the guild that it for EC NiM to do it this time.

So I wouldn't worry too much about not getting the UTC times this go around. Everyone that posted screenshots timed stamped or not are recognized on the spreadsheet as having completed the 8 man version of S&V.

But for TFB NiM I think everyone will have an understanding of what they need to provide in order be ranked.

Also please provide any feedback that will make the tracking better going forward.
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