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04.25.2013 , 11:35 AM | #23
i think some of the problem here is also making clear that if you're marking targets as being cc'd, make sure they know what the symbol is and that they don't think that the marked target's are the ones to attack. especially as a non native english speaker it could be difficult. in some Fp's you mark targets to signal the attack order and not that they are cc'd.

On my Shadow tank i just eliminate that problem by stealthing in mezzing the target, sprint out, pull the target to be hit first out from the vicinity of the mezzed target(s) and then everyone can go ahead and aoe the hell out of them, just make sure to give the rest of the mobs time to converge on the puller :P also there are some aoe abilities now that will only hit mezzed targets if they are being directly targeted or if they are in LOS, slow time is like that, and so is force wave, it no longer hits targets behind you, force breach however will