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Either tune the hardmode's down a bit or do one of the following....

1: Fix ability lag. Can't begin to tell you when tanking these new areas how many time I have hit one of my cd's or abilities and them not go off. It isn't until I click the icon multiple times that it wants to work. And a majority of the time its when I'm close to death. So this severely needs to be looked at. Also at times the FP lags at the same time as the ability lag. So if repair cost is going to be this high now, these issues need to be looked at.

2: Raise tank defense % chance. Tank's are suppose to be designed to tank large amounts of damage, but not deal it. They are meat shields, nothing more, nothing less. And when a tank is nearly 3 shotted by trash mobs ( and being decently geared ) there is something wrong. Challenging I understand, but insanely hard is another. Most people will not queue for these new hardmode's because of so many factors. Wipes, repair costs, loot, ability lag, FP lag, trash being too hard, or raise tank's % chance for defense. I used to go into a hardmodes and not have to worry about being wiped out by trash ( unless the healer sucks ).

3: Lower coordination. Most guilds have a high coordination which makes these new hardmodes seem easy to them. However, this doesn't include a PUG's perspective. Most pugs don't have coordination for the new hardmodes. So if people find it too easy, make a "NIGHTMARE" difficulty for hardmodes and have them yield ultimate marks.

4: Dailies. At 55 instead of classic commendations for some dailies, allow basic commendations to be earned. Also raise the amount of credits earned through dailies. If the repair costs are going to be so high, give us a way of earning a higher number of credits.

We all love and enjoy the game in our own unique ways. Challenging in hardmode's isn't a terrible thing, but insanely hard is another. Insanely hard needs to be left to the operations where guilds reign. Hardmode's need to be there for those who aren't fortunate enough to be able to do operations. If things are too hard or things aren't working, then people get frustrated and quit. I know that the elitists who find these hardmode's too easy will bash this post, but who cares. Most come from hardcore guilds or are straight dps. So instead of bashing others, why not look at things from others standpoints and then come to an opinion? IMO keep the damage level where it is and lower the health pools. Honestly these new hardmode's almost feel like "nightmare" mode.
im not eliitist and run all hm 55 in pug grups only once didint fini**** (done abouth 40-50 runs) done lots of runs with pepole in 61 gear 2 maned atris if u know youre class and lern boss fights they are easy
dont try to face roll them like lvl 50 ones take youre time