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In their defense, isn't Saber Throw being AOE new to 2.0? Given the number of Sents I've seen using it the last two weeks (including a friend of mine), I'm suspecting they're having to break themselves of the habit.
It should have already been broken, Sentinels already had a annoying habit of leaping to the wrong target, so they should have a better understanding and pay special attention to their target before hitting Twin Saber Throw. Trust me, leveling my alt through the expansion I quickly learned the 30 M range of Twin Saber Throw. Having 3 and 4 mobs attacking you at once is fun and exciting when you have defensive cooldowns and/or heroic moments up, otherwise it can be a costly mistake depending on the level of the 3 or 4 mobs. When you are level 53 and you aggro a couple normal mobs and a mob with 2 Imperial 55 golds, and no defensive cooldowns or heroic moments, then it is just costly.
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The best part is when the group leader says "Don't break CC" before the fight, and they do it anyway. And then the leader says "DON'T BREAK CC" and they do it again. /That's/ my favorite part.
My favorite is, “Don’t go into the next room” before the fight, after the fight “Don’t go into the next room” and then next thing you know they are in the next room.

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I've often said of MMO that lower level content needs to be more challenging, to train players in good practice.
Make everyone first level a sawbones solo with difficulty set like it was at launch and everyone would learn to use and appreciate CC's. This is my first MMO, but leveling a sawbones on my first toon made me learn how to use CC's, interrupts and defensive cooldowns.