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04.25.2013 , 10:15 AM | #8
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This is so stupid I can't begin to fathom the moron who came up with this idea. People will no longer ever have any reason to play any space missions after they hit 55.

Congrats in making space, once again, completely IRRELEVANT to this game. Completely stupid.
This. It's not like 2 comms for a mission was completely breaking elite progression, it just gave people an actual solo avenue to get these items. Items that are not even top of the line.

In short, elite comms gave people a reason to bother with heroic space missions at all - once you are level 55 and no longer need the xp, there is now zero reason to do these. Irrelevant content is a really good way to put it.

If it is left this way, the fleet comms vendor needs MAJOR upgrades.