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I'd offer you to check out:

The Elite Noobs [Republic]
Plaguebearer [Imperial]

I am the GM of the Imperial guild, and since 2.0 the impside guild has been a bit more active than the pubside, but it tends to fluctuate depending on who is playing which side at which time.

We are a more than casual, less than progression PvE guild, made up of adults between early/mid 20s to late 30s, and we use a Ventrilo server.
HM EC 4/4
SM TfB (50/55) 5/5
SM S&V 7/7

If you are interested, please sign up at: or you can look up Aster'isk (my imp main) or Back'slash (my current leveling alt) or Trobbit (2nd in command) for information or an invite to the guild.

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Don't mind course language or humor.
That is key if you are going to join our guild.... Oddly enough, it's the LADIES in the guild that are the crudest....
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