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04.25.2013 , 07:38 AM | #21
I have been mezzing mobs in every MMO I've played and in every mmo I've played, my guild, bless them, have seemed to take disproportionate pleasure from breaking my damned stuns.

So to teach them all a lesson, when I'm on DPS, I deliberately target their mezzes and see how they like it!!

Ok - so they aren't really that bad . I think the problem is, especially at low level, inexperience with MMOs. This game in particular appears to teach zerging behaviour right up until and even including end game. It's really only been the very hardest of content where CC is at all required in SWTOR. All of a sudden, players with no experience of tactics based combat are expected to use/avoid CC, stand in the right place, kill specific mobs in order and so forth - where previously it was Leeroy Jenkins, every DPS for themselves and blame the tank, then healer for wipes.

I've often said of MMO that lower level content needs to be more challenging, to train players in good practice. Sadly this then makes it less accessible, especially if there is a lot of group content for which people struggle to find allies. Thus the levelling part of the game tends to be very solo friendly and require little, if any, tactical thinking.

It's no wonder then, that when we hit challenging endgame content, we have to retrain players to step up their game beyond "best DPS rotation".