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I have seen in other threads posting suggesting that getting "main game" advantage from space missions is just pain old wrong. Why should some players get a leg up from flying around in a spaceship pewpewing when everyone else is getting on with the serious business of daily/weekly repeatables, hard modes and so forth. Space missions should provide only the kinds of rewards which are useful for doing space missions.

It is quite possible that this type of thinking is influencing the devs' decisions to lower rewards from space combat.

I do not subscribe to this idea. The space missions are quite fun, but in reality are very much of a sub par space combat game. This is fine in the context of an add-on to an MMO and indeed, I would go further and say that as an extra on top of the traditional MMO, space combat is a delightful and pleasing extra, but it cannot stand up as a worthwhile game on its own.

Accordingly, attempting to partition the space combat game from the main game is simply wrong. Whilst I enjoy space missions, I can better spend that time either doing dailies, hardmodes and so forth - or, if I want to engage in a space combat sim, go and play a completely different game with more complexity and depth. What makes time in space missions worthwhile is the link between the space game and the main game, giving sensible rewards for time invested. This is particularly true when people are spending money on cartel coins to get the level 7 upgrades - frankly with the state of the GTN (on my server at least) I see no incentive to have my Cybertech craft them.

This isn't to say the rewards should be huge. Space missions all are quick, only taking a few minutes to do. This is in contrast to a quest which generally takes longer. Rewards should reflect time and effort - but also be useful. A lot of basic commendations becomes less than useful very quickly.

I rather like the idea someone posted above, let there be a weekly mission, rather like some of the weekly missions in the main game and give a large reward for that (including elite comms). If such a mission were available, I would be quite happy with the current rewards we see today.

It is also worth noting that the rewards from space missions are self limiting, simply by virtue of the small number of (heroic) missions to be done each week. Space missions cannot be overly impactful to the main game due to this factor alone.

It seems a shame that given the effort put in to provide an extra dimension to the game that we are repeatedly disincentivized to participate in that activity. I do think it's time to step back and re-evaluate the reward system in space combat, providing a level where players feel like it is a worthwhile activity. This could come from adding more attractive items to the fleet commendation vendor, or by changing the rewards given for the missions themselves.