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04.25.2013 , 12:36 AM | #5
Sounds like I'm just having bad luck with healers being able to keep up with the damage going out then. I'm guessing I shouldn't be needing to decide between my life and a def CD outside the stun/smash combo? Since that seemed to be the case on the vanguard at least. Likewise Hold the Line on the vanguard does the same as Resilience/Force shroud in removing the stun debuff and by extension the damage and it's only a 30 sec cool-down compared to my shadow's 60 sec, not to mention it not being intended as a damage mitigation ability as far as I know.

Yes Ranged-DPS have the easiest time with this fight and put the least strain on healers. They don't take damage from the stun and they don't loose damage time to the stun... so yes this fight is easy for them since there's nothing to bother them from getting perfect rotations off. Two M-DPS are going to lose a large amount of damage time during the fight, and those who don't gather up for AoE healing on the other hand are going to be torn apart repeatedly thus requiring a lot more work from the healer.