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No, forcibly balanced games are boring. Make the weapons powerful and interesting, and not quite too hard to abuse skillfully. I hate it when a game is so "well balanced" for multiplayer that it becomes uninteresting and pointless to even have different weapons.

One of the best FPS games I've ever played was Halo: CE. You constantly agonized over what weapon to keep and which one to leave behind, because they were all different and interesting, and powerful under the right conditions. But you always kept the pistol. It was that good.

Same thing with the Force, you use it because it's your edge. Jedi can smack you down and lay waste to everyone at close range, but it requires skill to execute those maneuvers. A good player can take down Jedi with snipers and rockets easily.
Ya except that is hard to do when you got them all jumping around and what not, using push and pull to knock someone off their feet(constantly even when they are already down) and then rush in with a flurry of saber attacks. Not saying that ranged didn't get any kills, but there weren't very many that did to begin far as the Hero mode was actual VS matches ya it was much easier to get the kill.
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