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04.24.2013 , 10:18 PM | #1
Alright, so after several runs of every level 55 Hard Mode and bonuses I've noticed this boss tends to be the hardest of the bunch. On my vanguard tank tanking it isn't too terrible unless there's an enrage timer hit. I've watched a guardian in DPS gear almost manage to tank the entirety of the fight... But when I try to tank this fight on my shadow it's almost a sure bet I'll die to that boss. This doesn't exactly make sense to me given my shadow is almost entirely in 66/69s. My vanguard conversely is barely in 61s with a few 63s added in.

Things to note.
The stun apparently can be dodged by remaining 27m(?) away from the boss.
Stun-Breaks/Stun Resists seem to prevent the bonus damage from the boss.
I have yet to see two M-DPS without a stun resist complete this fight.

So does this boss need a re-balance? it it just the bane of shadows? Or is there some gimmick people have figured out to make it easy yet? (beyond the obvious troll responses)