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12.21.2011 , 12:07 PM | #55
Quote: Originally Posted by LA_Hague View Post
I think a few more user-friendly UI additions by Bioware may help out. Most people are probably too used to DBM, Omen, etc. to help them choose targets.

I think NOT

There's absolutely NO need for an add on to take the place of common sense.

If they can't figure out what mob is "iced", which mob the tank is on, and which mob needs to be distracted because it's on th healer, the only solution is for them to die a lot or to go back to their Xbox and let the real MMO players run the show.

Case in point: Sniper keeps getting aggro, attacking 2 or 3 mobs an encounter then tryin to kite them around. He died a lot. Complained abt my healing a lot. And in the end, wound up taking a chill pill and finally assisting the tank when the rest of the group told him to stop being such a n00b.

And holy crap if he didn't die any more... /shrug