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Ok, I learned quickly in this game the value of the 60 second stun powers, and how to give targets of them a wide berth, and especially ignore AOEs. So why is it, 3 groups in a row, I keep saying don't touch this target like Chris Matthews is gonna bust through your monitor, and still, they keep doing it? I mean, again, by level 20 I understood this concept, and very rarely do I hit those disabled, and hell, this time I was the one doing the mezzing, cause I was the tank! Which of course is the second rule, IMHO-wait till the tank starts beating on someone, then join in. Too late at night, and Im too old to babysit, heh.
The best part is when the group leader says "Don't break CC" before the fight, and they do it anyway. And then the leader says "DON'T BREAK CC" and they do it again. /That's/ my favorite part.
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