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Derpů Sorry, noob math mistake. Here is the corrected calculation:


Just so you don't have to read the spoiler tags, here you go: {shadow->0.11398,guardian->0.614459,vanguard->0.174525}

So, the new calculation is basically considering the *full* mitigation profile (not including self-heal), assuming a 75/25 split on m/r+k/e vs f/t+k/e damage. I then take the percentage of mitigation increase from each adrenal, and then look at the ratio of these increases between the two adrenals. Loosely:

(mit[base + exo-adrenal] / mit[base] - 1) / (mit[base + nano-adrenal] / mit[base] - 1) - 1

Where mitigation is defined as the standard:

0.75(1 - (1 - dr)(1 - def)(1 - shld*abs)) + 0.25(1 - (1 - dr)(1 - shld*abs))

Note that this doesn't consider resist chance, so it is *very* slightly inaccurate (the value of the nano-infused stim is deflated by a miniscule amount), but it's pretty close to accurate.

The results show that the Exotech adrenal is 11.4% better than the Nano-Infused for Shadows, a staggering 61.4% better for Guardians, and 17.5% better for Vanguards. So, your initial intuition was correct, grallmate, the Exotech adrenal *is* better, and by a fairly wide margin.
This is very disappointing. My instincts were that the absorb/shield adrenal sucked for Juggernaut tanking and it appears my instinct was correct. Wish I had all the mats I wasted back. Back to the rakata/exotech ...