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Did I say you did? You said there's no other ability that carries the ball well like Scamper...hence my comment that unique skills be darned! What's wrong w/ a unique skill that makes scoundrels halfway useful in Huttball? You know how much we sucked before the patch? Couldn't get anywhere quickly, couldn't pull people into fire, couldn't push people off ledge. We had zero Huttball utility. I loathed playing Huttball on my Scoundrel. While my Shadow was(still is) a blast. Now, HB actually enjoyable as a scoundrel.
I said there was no spammable ability like scamper/roll that was able to carry that ball. You misinterptreted it to infer that I said that it should not be a unique ability.

I played a scoundrel healer pre-patch, I am aware of the limitations they had. Last I knew, mercs and snipers couldn't get anywhere quickly either, at least scoundrels had stealth. *shrug* I still enjoyed huttball on mine.

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And what's wrong w/ them no longer being the worst? They finally bring something to the table in HB. you answer it sounds like you demand they be the worst. Why aren't you whining about the best ball carrier since you just admitted it's still not the scoundrel.
Did I say I wanted them to be the worst? No. But thanks for letting me know what I am wanting. The current "best" ball carrier (jugg) can be easily countered by not being dumb and letting them jump to you.

I am sorry if you cannot think of other ways for your scoundrel to be useful in huttball other than carrying a ball. You got your escape, your quick movement, just what scoundrels were asking for.

And why is disagreeing with an ability, or suggesting that it is too powerful, whining? What ever happened to people simply having disagreements without resorting to calling people whiners?

Obviously we are not going to agree, so there is no point in my continuing this discussion.
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