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Quote: Originally Posted by jgoldsack View Post
Best? No.

But they are no where near the worst, arguably one of the better ones, if they happen to have full energy. Seen it a lot in WZ lately where the scoundrel will grab the ball, roll up the ramp, roll over the fire pit, then roll beeline to the end zone.
You make it so roll drops the ball then they certainly would become the worst. Are they the best now? NO, so if they are not the best then it is not OP. If they were by far the best ball carrier then you might have a point. In the end, shadows and guardians are better ball carriers and that is all that matters. They aren't even in the top 2 and you want to make them the worst ball carrier with such a change. Maybe they are great in pug HB but should we really destroy their ball carrying capabilities because idiots like you can't handle roll in pugs.

Stop being an idiot and realize that you are asking to make them the worst ball carrier.

Honestly this seems more like scoundrel and operative hate then it is an actual well thought out topic about roll being OP in HB.

HB would be far better if they took the new hindered debuff, the one from electro net, applied to all ball carriers, and remove the constant slow from carrying the ball. This would help turn it into a game about passing, they way it should be played. You may get some turtle strategies but there are ways to remove that. 1 is to put a damage increase debuff on the ball carrier. Another is to prevent teams from winning 0-0, by adding in extra time if there is a tie. a non timed sudden death period.