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Quote: Originally Posted by jgoldsack View Post
Again. Requires 30 stacks, and have long cooldowns.

I really think you need to stop grasping at straws. There is no other single character ability that does what roll does, and carries the ball as well.

As long as you have energy, you can spam the ability. No other ability has that.
You can built 30 stacks with introspection every 30 seconds (in combat/carnage skill tree). Not to mention that you get them free while fightings.
It takes almost 30 seconds to get from 0 energy to full energy. The biggest difference I can see is right now that valorous call (that builds 30 stacks immeaditely) has 3 minute cd, while cool head has 1 minute cd. However, 0 stacks doesn't affect your fighting in any way, while 0 energy means you can only spam flurry of bolts.

I really think people should stop screaming "give it a cd! It hurts huttball!". This just makes me hate that annoying map even more.