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It really comes down to what you prefer .

1) a ranged/melee play style
ranged - Sage, Sorc, Gunslinger, Mercenary, Commando, Sniper
melee - all Jedi Knights & Sith Warrirors, Shadow, Assassin, Smuggler, Operative, Vanguard, & Powertech
2) a force/tech visual experience ~which is which is obvious
3) faction ~which is which is obvious

Beyond that, the real difference between the AC's and their skill point builds only shows up much later in the game.

As for making money, the best way is completing quests. Be careful not to overspend buying anything from the GTN. Many unscrupulous players are relisting goods that are bought from NPC venders for very high prices. Credits just 'happen' when you get to the level cap.
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