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Basically, its what was said above.

I am an avid supporter of the space missions, I like them and they are distracting. I have ten toons with all the ship 7 parts.

What they have done over the past month just pisses me off. The 2.0 patch notes stated that they were removing the monetary reward from doing space missions and increasing the amount awarded by completing the daily, it did not say that they were removing the reward from completing bonus missions. I used to make 12-18k credits and now I make 10k and spend 600 just to be able to do the damn mission.

That was strike one.

Now they took away the elite comms that I earned from the space missions. I want to know why. Why they keep removing incentives from doing space missions. Will they eventually make it so bad that there will be no incentive to play a space mission? I have 6000/10000 fleet comms, and nothing to spend it on.

Strike two.

Why are you guys punishing the people who do space missions so much? I hope this was just someone's shortsightedness that will be rectified.
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