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I rather enjoy my daily heroic space mission, and I will probably continue to do them with the assumption that Bioware will eventually put something worthwhile on the fleet comms vendor, like top grade crafting mats.

Because, as we all know, there is nothing actually useful on there now.
i hope there is something like that coming in a s well, i mean the fleet commendation cap now is at 10k, which is a huge number. For right now there's nothing really on the space vendor worth spending coms on. at least before we could buy the lockbox with the chance to get mol stabs. but now nothing.

I wouldn't mind if they took the elite coms away from the dailies but if you'd at least keep them for the weekly, and make it a 3 or 4 mission string. Then you could see yourself "earning" the coms. As of right now i'll keep doing them to grind the coms in hope that they will be relevent again sometime in the future.