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04.24.2013 , 10:28 AM | #2
not to mention the cost of grade 7 space gear. Perhaps it is time to make all grade 7 schematics available to cyber-techs and the materials changed to things that are available pre 55. having the gear that is useless to a 55 require components only available in ops makes little sense.
Also taking away the credit awards for space mission bonuses? Why should we attempt to kill the elite ships, destroy the frigates, or any of those extras once the achievement is granted. Lowering the credit rewards for space missions was understandable but they should still award some credits for accomplishing things. At this time the only way to earn credits effectively is black hole. level 50-55 costs about 400k more than you earn leveling on makeb. I use to fly my daily space missions for that. now its not worth the time needed to do so.