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04.24.2013 , 08:12 AM | #157
So whoever made this decision doesnt have enough backbone to even defend the decision to nerf space combat again, even if it is by proxy (message conveyed though the community managers)

I find it frustrating that the community managers do their best to relay info on bolster changes and accidental minor nerfs to pvp vendors, but when it comes to space combat there is zero feedback...
It feels like pure discrimination to the type of players, PvP vs PvE...

- Repair cost increase hits only PvE
- Commendation caps hit only PvE
- Space combat nerfs hit...only PvE

Also Space Combat has seen so many nerfs over the last few months.
- Reduction of credit rewards
- No hotfix for critical bugs
- Removal of credit rewards
- Increase in travel costs to start the space missions
- Removal of grade 7 parts from classic vendors
- No new 50+ content on the fleet vendor
- Removal of 2 Elite comms to be replaced by 1(2?) Basic comm

What is next, removing it altogether?