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I just read this and I have to say I am very upset about this as well.

Before 2.0, Heroic Space Combat awarded Black Hole Comms every day. It was a very viable way for those of us that don't necessarily have time to raid or do FPs every day to fit in a couple missions here and there and be able to obtain, albeit quite slowly, gear that was one tier down from the top gear.

By eliminating the Elite Comm rewards for these missions and make them Basic-Comm only, now Space Combat players will only be able to get gear that is 2 tiers down from the top, and frankly that is gear that is extremely easily and quickly obtained through other means.

I believe this is a bad mistake on the developers' part, and will lead to people no longer doing Space Missions. I will not be doing them anymore, and I was a dedicated, daily Space Mission player as my posts in other threads show.

Bioware, please re-consider this change, as it is an unnecessary nerf to one of the game's areas that is really enjoyed by those that play it.
You have just answered your own question...

Prior to 2.0 BH gear was two tiers lower than the best (campaign and dread guard were "better"), so awarding BH comms back then is the same as awarding basic comms now.