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Beni said it. "Let the shenanigans begin."

It has been about a decade since I read the novelisation, but some subconscious part of my memory is telling me that tunewalker is right.

That convinces me that ABC logic applies here. The reason I wrote the part you quoted is that I'm very sensitive about ABC logic being used without a good explanation.

Concerning the scenario (or strategy in some form) tunewalker described above: As I wrote earlier, the separatists are probably better of by letting Durge deal with Galen Marek (I consider him the most dangerous one of the rebel team, because he's the fastest one and speed is a very important factor in Huttball).

I feel like the important points have been made. How long until the timer reaches zero, Beni?
I can see that the only thing is Durge's Lack of force sensitivty going up against Marek's beast of telekentics I dont think Durge will be able to do much since he shouldn't truely be able to get close but at the same time i don't see Marek really killing durge either i guess its just both of them keeping each other occupied or until galen does enough damadge to durge to put him into hybernation. As far as speed goes i would warrent to say Luke would be just as fast as Galen he has plenty of impressive accrobatic feats from his fights along with his training on dagobah