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04.23.2013 , 08:04 PM | #16
I am upset with this as well. I spent a lot of credits and cartel coins to get my characters into ship gear just to do the heroic space missions. Used to be you would get a couple BH comms for your efforts and with the fleet comms you could purchase a 'chance' at some relevant matts you could sell to make some creds or use them to craft if you wanted. No updates of this type were made to the fleet comm vendor and now with no elite comms the missions are useless beyond lvl 55. If you think getting comms in this way would somehow hurt the game or be unfair to those who cannot compete them, you should consider that to gear a toon in this way would likely take until the next update that makes elite gear obsolete. So yeah-no more space missions here either and thanks for helping me to waste my creds and cartel coins. My sub is at risk for this foolish move.