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04.23.2013 , 04:57 PM | #15
I too disagree with this move. Given all that has been stripped away from space missions - from repeated removal of credits, to a rather lacking set of reputation rewards (compare the rep vendor to Section X, Makeb, or Gree and tell me rewards are on par. Only rep rewards that are just as bad off is Voss), Space has always felt like a system that Bioware only made because the game has the word "Star" in the title.

The Elite Comms were the major perk of doing these missions lately. Unless Bioware intends to do a system where you can trade-up Basic & Fleet Comms for Elite Comms, I don't agree on this. It is yet another example of a dis-incentive to space missions. This has been a facet of the game which has been sorely lacking since launch, and was only ever touched by adding the challenge of Heroics, but has since removed the rewards that came with it. If anything, I've been hoping Bioware would expand the Staged Weekly System that they have with Makeb to add a Staged Weekly series of space missions and their dailies. Let alone co-op space or open space.