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04.23.2013 , 04:39 PM | #37
The level 55 hardmode are pretty much brute force proof, as in if you tried to run into a pack of 5 strongs without CC and use no CDs you'll just be dead no matter what you're wearing. But this was true back at level 50. You could be Rakata geared in the level 50 HMs (way above the gear they're tuned at) and if you run straight into a pack of 5 strongs with no CC you'll die really fast.

It's just that for level 50s when you have Campaign/Dread Guard gear you can actually faceroll level 50 HMs since you're like 3 or 4 tiers above what the content is tuned at. That kind of gear currently doesn't exist in the game yet for level 55 HMs.