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The problem with this point of view is that it is self contradicting. The reason ABC logic doesn't always work is because every fighter is unique with differing strengths and weaknesses. So we cannot then say, 'for example so and so' because they cannot be compared for that exact reason.

Nonetheless redacting that example, your argument does have weight. But in this situation ABC logic very much works. Because Luke mirrored Vader's fighting style, the same style that he used to defeat Dooku. And even if we take ABC logic out of this, Luke remains an exceptionally skilled duelist, more skilled than Vader. He also specialises in Djem So, which Makashi is inherently weak against.

And tunewalker, you raise some interesting points. I haven't read to ROTJ novel so I'll accept that what you say is true as you possess more facts. Originally I thought Luke's style was unrefined in the sense: untrained. But if he learned his form by mimicking Vader, well then that's a different story.
Actually the information is not just from the RoTJ novel its also in ESB novel ESB is when he began mimicing his father but he hadnt perfected it yet but when they faced each other again in RotJ it was a different story Luke's skills now perfectly mirrored his father. And by skills i do mean more then his saber combat the start of RotJ is supposed to show case with his easily choking 2 gaurds, vader in the movies never choked more then 1 person at a time, and calling a blaster into his hand from accrossed the room was supposed to mirror ESB when Vader takes the blaster from Han all of these scenes are meant to show the audience that Luke has become Vader's equal in every way. And his defeat of his father and untrying nature when facing him is of course suppose to symbolise that not only did he match his father but he surpassed him in every respect.

OK so I think this may be the last time I have to defend RotJ Luke so going to move into the match at hand I did some research on durge and Rohm and this seems to be an INCREDIBLY even match I truelly have to say Beni good job choosing these teams this match would be one for the history books.

I suspect like every good huttball match the first thing that will happen is a large battle in the middle will break out. R2 being a non combatent would stay out of it. I suspect Luke and Dooku being the team leaders will square off. While Marek will take on Greivous and Rohm will take on ventress leaving Durge free to grab the ball. The rebel special ops group sees durge grab the ball and starts firing on Durge and chucking grenade and doing as much damadge as possible durge shurgs most of this off blasting at the rebels while the sep droids are also firing at the rebs as they are trying to obstruct the objective. Some of durge's armor is destroyed by the reb's and the reb's lose almost all of their forces (only 1 left holding out as best he can.) In this time Luke has defeated Dooku and Marek used the Force to Crush greivous's ribs and used the moment when he was stunned to Zap and finish off the droid. With Marek, Luke and Durge free Durge starts moving towards the end zone just to be lifted up out of the air and thrown back by Marek. Luke, being who he is sets out to save the one remaining troop by taking out the droids.

The first 2 droids are taken out by Luke and then the other 2 start firing upon him the rebel fighter takes advantage of this took come out and take out the 3rd while Luke reflects a bolt back at the 4th the droid dodges this but doing so leaves it open to Luke taking it down with his saber. Ventress in the mean time starts to push back Rohm while Rohm is starting to use his telekentic skills to try to hold ventress at bay. This angers her more and more making her attack more fierce as she charges Rohm nearly overwhelming him. Luke again being who he is goes to rescue his team mate rather then deal with the ball carrier. He cuts down the rage blinded Ventress with out her notice bringing the full team up against durge. Durge's nearly completely destroyed at this point leaves his body open to be more flexible and he overcomes Marek trapping him down. Rohm grabs a grenade from one of the downed troops and flings it at durge the explosion frees marek and allows marek to use the force to restrict Durge's movements Rohm adds in to help marek make Durge unable to Move and Luke calls R2 into the center and uses his telekinetics to lift Durge off the ground and places him into the fire pit which ignites causing durge severe damadge forcing him into a hybernation.
This whole thing i believe would take a total time of about 20-30 seconds (a small skirmish battle is generally fierce and fast.) In this case i would call Durge's near inability to die a weakness as hybenation is worse then death in this game where death resets you just putting him into hybernation stops for longer then killing him.

Luke Marek and Rohm would move together to the end zone with the ball where they will face the full force of the enemy team (minus Durge who is still comatose and being burned) in their end zone. Dooku and ventrss would remain back firing lightning at Luke which would be blocked easily by Rohm and galen. The droids would also be firing at Luke which Luke would easily deflect while greivous would move to get a better position so as to engage with out blocking his team mates. As we saw in episode 2 it take just one hand on a saber to block dooku's (and by extension ventress's) lightning allowing galen and rohm to still use their telekinetics to destroy the droids freeing up Luke to charge the end zone blocking any lightning coming his way and being defended by galen and Rohm the rebels score and are able to take down the seps in their end zone until the next round in which Durge would rez with the team finally being killed by the fire pit. Being exhausted the rebels would face another fresh team of seps and be quickly overwhelmed by shear fire power several droids would be killed and possibly Dooku or ventress again but the rebel team is wiped out beginning with Rohm then Luke and finally Marek (as i believe they would take Rohm out first do to being the weaker one of the group and move on to Luke next as he has proven to be the most dangerous. before turning on marek where I feel Durge's strength and speed just overwhelms him while he is distracted by ventress or dooku or grievous.
The teams would meet in the middle again with another fierce battle and the match goes on like this until the score at the end of the game reads.

Rebels 4
Seperatists 2.

Rebs win.

Obviously by my end score I do actually believe that the seps will take the advantage at some points in the game or have a break away that the rebels will have a problem with but like most people know the middle is the key to a huttball game if you cant push the rebels out of the middle then they are just going to recover the ball even if you do get a break away or are able to power through once (most likely durge).