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What. A. Let-down.

Completely disillusioned with this game after trudging through the mindless kill-fest that is Hammer Station.

Esseles was exciting! Full voice-overs (as per usual), a driving story, and your decisions actually matter. Don't like that Twi'lek diplomat? Betray her! Willing to sacrifice the few for the many? Kill those poor engineers!

That instance was intense and fun because you really felt like you had an impact on the story. You felt a real sense of accomplishment after it was over.

Then, you go work on your class levels some more, finish up on Coruscant (in my case), and head back to the Republic Fleet because you know the last Flashpoint happened around the end of your class quests on a planet. You're excited and ready for what's next.

Oh, hey, what's this random droid wan- OH CRAP IT'S SATELE! AWESOME! Oh no, she needs my help! You can count on me, Master!

You gather up a few friends, head to the entrance, and dive headfirst into your second Flashpoint.

...okay, that intro cinematic was pretty useless. Let's get start- WOAH! Enemy droids right off the bat! Alright, let's clear these up and get to our first objective... oh. No cutscene. No conversation. Well, that's cool, I'm sure there will be something later...

Nope. Nothing. Just a few bosses, some trash droids, and then you just walk out of the instance. Mission accomplished?

I really had high hopes for this game, I really did, but I've never felt more betrayed by a game like this. Bioware set up all these cool, driving class quests and an awesome first Flashpoint to reel us in before they pull the ol' switcheroo and we end up playing yet another WoW clone.

I've played enough MMOs to know how it goes from here. The neat gimmick of lightsabers and the novelty of full voice-overs will wear off quickly than you'd like. Hell, on Coruscant I wore my spacebar out. Soon, it will just be the same old grind, but this time there's virtually nothing to do outside of following your class quests. PvP? What a joke. Exploration? Yeah, datacrons are neat, but... meh.

TL;DR This game had great potential, but Bioware decided to take the low road and trick us all with fantastic intro quests and a driving story before petering out around the time of your second flashpoint.

To anyone who absolutely can't live without playing an MMO, I hope you enjoy yourselves. I realize what I've said might just apply to myself and my friends because that's just, like, our opinion, man.

May the Force be with you all.
I couldn't agree more.

You're going to be sorely disappointed for some time then. The next two flashpoints have little conversation options aside from your obligatory kill mooks/let mook live, and the end conversation with you faction leader dude.

Not sure how you're supposed to get your social points up when you net 10 over an entire instance, when in Essels/black talon you get like 150 a run.