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Is the Quesh +4 Endurance datacron bugged? I click both the east and west panels but the force field never drops on the south entrance to leave the room before the poison gas kills me.

Edit - This datacron now requires 2 people to activate the east/west panels at the same time.
Incorrect. If you have some form of speed boost, it's still possible to 1-man it. I did it myself only 5 minutes ago.
The problem is that you have to activate the 2 switches at very close the the same time.

Just running at normal speed, it's not possible. But with a speed boost you can stand at max range from the first button, activate it, hit your speed and run the 5-10 meters to the second button and activate it before the first button 'cools down'. It requires a bit of precision and the timing is difficult, but after dying once because my speed buff was on cooldown, I managed to pull it off on the second try, so it can't be that hard.

Yes, it's easier to do with 2 people. But possible to do with 1 as long as you're a class with a speed buff, which is just about everyone nowdays.
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