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Luke fighting for real starts at 3:38 his father is toppled by shear power in under a minute Luke is only 20% more then vader and nearly double anakin. By this extent Vader would actually topple anakin in the same manner luke toppled him but instead of taking a minute it would take 30 seconds. By this extent any one anakin beat would be handled in an even faster manner By vader or Luke you have ALL comfirmed my belief EVERY SINGLE ONE of you greatly underestimates Luke's abilities dooku and ventress by extent of EXACT same tactics but power scaled means their is no and should never be a question of how the fight looks Luke topples them in under 10 seconds check the abilities and for once truelly understand the capabilities of the fighters this is the one case of Which A>B>C Logic works and it works at a truely grand lvl to show you just how much dooku or ventress vs Luke have no chance.
First off: Since Luke defeated Darth Vader in his anger, I didn't took into account the skills he shows off in these crucial moments (because I am assuming that he doesn't enter enrage mode during a huttball match).

Second: A>B>C is not a transitive relation when we are talking about combat. (i.e A>B>C doesn't imply that A>C) Darth Nihilus is the perfect counterexample for this and this example shows very well that you have to take into account the specific skills of the characters and even the circumstances under which they engage each other.

More importantly: Dooku doesn't need to defeat Luke. 30 seconds are enough time for Ventress and Grievous to move ahead such that Luke can't catch up before the score. So it doesn't matter whether he can defeat Dooku.

Moreover: Dooku could also engage Kota instead and still Ventress and Grievous are too fast to be stopped by Luke and the alliance forces (the troops can't really do anything and Luke can't stop them if they pass smartly). Again the fight Dooku vs Luke doesn't influence the result. (In fact Luke being near his own scoreline puts him in a bad position for a counterattack)

If you really want to discuss the fight Dooku vs. Luke, well here it comes: The fight between Luke and Vader on the deathstar doesn't really show Lukes skills, because as you said he doesn't want to fight for most of the time and after that, he is driven by anger.
Where do we see Luke fighting with the intention to kill and the skill he has during RotJ? The longest fight would be on the sail barge. Luke does make mistakes during this fight. Dooku can exploit such mistakes.
Also you are underestimating Dooku a little. Yoda once says that Dooku would be the ideal jedi (the book, where this is coming from, is titled "Yoda - ..." or "Count Dooku - ...". I don't remember).
Earlier you mentioned that Yoda wouldn't have sent Luke against the emperor, if he wouldn't have expected Luke to win. I disagree. When I watch the scenes of Yoda and Obi-Wan in Episode 6, I get the impression that they were very uncertain of the outcome of Lukes confrontation with the emperor. Otherwise they wouldn't have warned him so sincerely from the emperor. They simply did everything they could. If it wasn't enough they had lost(well, Leia is still there, but that's a different question).
Concerning the fight between Anakin and Dooku: If you read the novelization of Episode 3, you know that Dooku was supposed to lose (after killing Obi-Wan). After his defeat he would have been "redeemed" (politically) and after Anakins fall he would have been part of the new empire - at least that's what Sidious told him would happen. So it is hard to say whether Anakin really defeated Dooku so easily. And again let me emphasis that TTK in a combat between the characters does not behave multiplicatively to any kind of power level (which is changing anyway as soon as the force leaves a person or decides to be with a person).

Anyway, long story short: The outcome of this duel doesn't decide the match and I still think that the separatists win, because they have one more really fast person and don't have to occupy a monster like Durge.